get clarity about your relationships

Should I Stay?

Don’t leave or stay in your relationship for the wrong reasons.

You could waste years of your life, a ton of money, your happiness, friendships, and much more.

What if you had an expert guide to help you figure things out – rapidly and with real clarity?

The Should I StayTM programme combines all the good bits from the world of therapy with the good bits from the world of coaching. It’s led by Lucien Stanfield, a qualified and experienced therapist, counsellor and international expert in relationship issues. You can find more information about Lucien here.

If you want a head-nodding therapist who will reinforce and magnify all your complaints and uninformed judgements about your partner and your situation, this is not the programme for you. It’s also not a programme run by some random, unqualified “relationship coach” telling you what to do, what to believe, and how to be.

Lucien works with a small group of select clients over a 12-week period. He gives you the close mentorship, information, and support you need to make hugely important life decisions about your relationships. It’s an active, personal-growth programme and uses the very best elements of current psychotherapy, couples counselling, and coaching. It’s solution-focused, rather than un-directed, to get you the clarity you need to transform your personal situation.

Whether you decide to stay or leave, you want to know that you do it for the right reasons. Delaying a decision, and hoping that it will just sort itself out, could cost you a great deal of heartache and money.

If you’re ready to bite the bullet and get on with fixing your relationship, click below now to register for the free, pre-recorded webinar about the Emo Protocol. This is an introduction to one of the many elements used in the programme.